Psychedelic Horseshit

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Magic Flowers Droned (2007) , 7/10
Shitgaze Anthems (2009), 5/10 (EP)
Acid Tape (2010) , 7/10 (EP)
Laced (2011) , 6/10

Ohio's Psychedelic Horseshit (vocalist and guitarist Matt Whitehurst with drummer Ryan Jewell) pioneered a new form of lo-fi pop on Magic Flowers Droned (Siltbreeze, 2007). Nothing Is Revealed is the ultimate sloppy garage rigmarole with massive doses of guitar distortion and primitive drumming (something like a toddler playing the drum part of the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray) in the glorious vein of Half Japanese and Zoogz Rift. The atonal guitar steals the show in the poppy Portals, a jarring noise that takes no prisoner, occasionally augmented with an acid organ. The tribal psychedelic Velvet Underground-ian drumbeat and even the nonchalant decadent tone of Lou Reed (White Light White Heat redux) permeate Rather Dull under the shroud of shoegazing guitar noise. The sarcastic New Wave Hippies satirizes their very influence, replete with Suicide-like keyboards and robotic singing. Bad Vibrations is a demented nursery-school remix of the Beach Boys' epochal Good Vibrations.
Elsewhere the duo doesn't even try to craft tunes. Mostly Crystals is a satori of dadaistic cacophony, the garage equivalent of musique concrete. Radar Fences Again evokes the acid folk of the Holy Modal Rounders to a higher exponential. Crystal Dub is the soundtrack for a hallicinogenic trip induced by industrial-grade chemicals.. Their ultimate freakout is Mash Up, a whirlwind of alien radio messages and electromechanical circuits that spins out of control.

Alas, the merry pranksters failed to repeat the miracle on The EP Shitgaze Anthems (Woodsist, 2009), that instead paid tribute to the Ramones in Dreadlock Paranoia (before the dubby coda) Ad Infinity and concocted an admittedly hilarious Bob Dylan parody in Are You On Glass. Dispensing with most of the chaos, Matt Whitehurst has to rely on his vocal and lyrical skills, which are not exactly stellar.

Golden Oldies (Wasted Vinyl, 2009) collects rarities.

The EP Acid Tape (Fan Death, 2010) invested a bit more in sound effects, notably in Modern Daze and in Tired Bluez (a mini-concerto for disjointed sound effects), and, in general, boasted a more sophisticated structure of sound, especially in the dub-jazzy Hard As It Gets, On the other hand, FCCA Demo is just voice and guitar, and this spartan soliloquy works quite well. The seven-minute Bleak Vacations finally remembers the original Velvet Underground-ian obsession and effortlessly lifts the project to a higher orbit.

When Psychedelic Horseshit began producing their records professionally, i.e. on Laced (Fat Cat, 2011), they buried their songs under layers of high-tech arrangements with mixed results.

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