Quix*o*tic and White Magic

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Quix*o*tic: Night For Day (2000), 6/10
Quix*o*tic: Mortal Mirror (2002), 6.5/10
Casual Dots: The Casual Dots (2004), 6/10
White Magic: Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (2006), 6.5/10
White Magic: New Egypt (Latitudes 0:13) (2008), 6.5/10

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Washington trio Quix*o*tic (vocalist and guitarist Christina Billotte, who was in Slant 6 and Autoclave, vocalist and drummer Mira Billotte, bassist Mick Barr) released Night For Day (Ixor Stix, 2000) and Mortal Mirror (Kill Rock Stars, 2002), achieving on the latter an odd hybrid of Nico's ghostly singing and Sleater-Kinney's rabid roots-rock (To This World I Must Give In).

Barr, who had already been half of Crom-Tech with drummer Malcolm McDuffie, a project that released the album Crom-Tech (Gravity, 1997), followed by the EPs Crom-Tech (Ixor Stix, 1997) and Crom-Tech (Slowdime, 1999), went on to become the guitarist of Orthrelm.

Christina Billotte formed the Casual Dots, a trio that basically continued Quix*o*tic's mission on The Casual Dots (Kill Rock Stars, 2004).

Quix*o*tic's stately vocalist Mira Billotte went on to play in White Magic (piano, bass, drums, vocals), that released the ethereal EP Through the Sun Door (Drag City, 2004), containing One-Note, a split album with American Analog Set, Songs Of Hurt And Healing (2005) that included three of their lengthy free-form ruminations (Day, Twilight and Night), and the full-length Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (Drag City, 2006), with the moniker now applied to a duo of Billotte and Doug Shoaw surrounded by a plethora of friends (sitar, violin, accordion, etc). The ethnic folk-jazz-rock fusion and slo-core of Song Of Solomon, Hear My Call, Katie Cruel and Hold Your Hand In The Dark relies heavily on Billotte's haunting voice (somewhere between Nico and Grace Slick) and her simple piano patterns. The album was followed by the four-song EP Dark Stars (Drag City, 2007).

White Magic's New Egypt (Latitudes 0:13) (Latitudes, 2008) offered a more lively version of their folk-rock.

White Magic's four-song EP I'm Hiding My Nightingale (2015) contains Mora.

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