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The New Song and Dance (2000), 6/10
Gotham (2002), 5/10
Stealing Of A Nation (2004), 4/10
Enemies Like This (2006) , 5/10

New York-based quintet Radio 4 (guitarist Tommy Williams, keyboardist Gerard Garone, bassist Anthony Roman, drummer Greg Collins, percussionist P.J. O'Connor) started out as a "light" version of the funk-punk craze of the early 2000s, fusing rock guitar, dub bass and dance beats to recreate the demented fusion of the late 1970s (Pop Group and the likes). The retro sound of The New Song and Dance (2000) was derivative but it did not pretend otherwise.

They steered decisively towards electronic dance music with Gotham (Gern Blandsten, 2002), that contained infectious tracks (Our Town, Start A Fire, New Disco) but mostly sounded like a mono-dimensional stab at commercial success with an easily-marketable formula.

The bland dance-pop of Stealing Of A Nation (City Slang, 2004) was the next destination of their journey to mass accessibility.

Enemies Like This (Astralwerks, 2006) was at least produced in a more creative way.

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