Rameses III

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Parsimonia (2004) 7/10 (mini)
Matanuska (2006), 6.5/10
Basilica (2008), 5.5/10
I Could Not Love You More (2009), 6/10

British combo Rameses III created the mellow and dreamy ambient guitar vignettes of the EP Folk Hymns (Firefly Recordings, 2003), of the mini-album Jozepha (2004), and of the mini-album Parsimonia (Foxy Digitalis, 2004), their most ambitious work.

More intense drones and field recordings disturbed that transcendent quiet on Matanuska (Music Fellowship, 2006), containing the lengthy Before The Rains Fall (For Ed Cooke), Parsimonia and Queens Road Cemetery - 28th March 2005, and on the EP Honey Rose (Important, 2007).

The double-disc Basilica (Important Records, 2008) consisted of a disc of Origins recorded both live and in studio and a disc of remixes.

I Could Not Love You More (Type, 2009) pushed the boundaries of John Fahey's original intuition (of free-form narrative guitarscapes). Across The Lake Is Where My Heart Shines is not only slow to the point of falling asleep but also gentle and delicate like a children's lullaby. Mostly it's the sound effects that set Ramuses III apart from other guitar artists. A shroud of crackling noise envelops the psychedelic wails of the guitar in Cloud Kings. The sound of water is co-protagonist of the velvety pastoral vignette No Water No Moon. A flow of metallic tones plays with a placid drone in The Kindness In Letting Go. The peak of pathos is achieved with the elegant accordion-like "om" of We Shall Never Sing Of Sorrow and the stately organ-like "om" of I Could Not Love You More. The undulating All Shall Be Well, with a drone that is secreted off the human voice, seems like the answer to those invocations.

The duo of Spencer Grady and Steven Lewisi also formed Padang Food Tigers and released the EP Go Down Moses (Under The Spire, 2010) and the album Born Music (Blackest Rainbow, 2011).

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