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Herzeleid (1996), 5/10
Sehnsucht (1997), 6.5/10
Mutter (2001), 6/10
Reise Reise (2004), 6/10
Rosenrot (2005), 4/10
Liebe ist fuer alle da (2009), 4/10
Rammstein (2019), 4/10
Zeit (2022), 4/10

East German band Rammstein, consisting of vocalist Till Lindemann, guitarist Richard Kruspe, rhythm guitarist Paul Landers, bassist Oliver Riedel, drummer Christoph Schneider and keyboardist Christian Lorenz, was the most successful act of the "neue deutsche haerte" style pioneered by Oomph!, which continued the Teutonic tradition of operatic black metal, although with industrial-dance overtones. Herzeleid (1996), which began their collaboration with producer Jacob Hellner, and especially Sehnsucht (1997), which contains the hits Engel and Du Hast (their signature song) but also the subtler Spiel mit mier and the piano ballad Klavier, displayed grandiose melodies, huge guitar riffs and thunderous drums.

Mutter (2001) was rather monotonous, despite catchy ditties like their hit Sonne, and Reise Reise (Universal, 2004) was the least original of their early albums, despite Mein Teil and the dance-oriented Moskau, although so sleeky produced to compete with Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, with more prominent synth sounds. These albums made them one of the most popular metal band in Europe.

After Rosenrot (2005) and Liebe ist fuer alle da (2009), with Pussy, they went on a hiatus. After a decade, they returned with Rammstein (2019), which contains Deutschland, and Zeit (2022), two albums that simply recycled their cliches.

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