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New York's duo Ratatat (multi-instrumentalist Evan Mast and guitarist Mike Stroud) rediscovered "big beat" (the fusion of electronic beats and rock guitars propounded by the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk) on Ratatat (2004), the main difference between that everything was filtered through the personality of the laptop. The best songs were ebullient meetings of Evan Mast's twitchy beats (with the keyboards sounding like the machines that they were) and Mike Stroud's catchy riffs (with the guitar sounding like a synthesizer).

Classics (2006) was a mediocre follow-up of melodic instrumental electronic rock music that maintained little of the debut's energy.

LP3 (XL, 2008) boasted more elegant beats and guitar riffs and keyboard arrangements and all, but it sounded terribly devoided of meaning, like those albums of electronic covers of popular hits spanning different styles and genres.

LP4 (2010) was hardly essential.

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