Red Masque

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Red Masque is a Philadelphia-based group inspired to the classics of progressive-rock. Vocalist Lynnette Shelley and bassist Brandon Ross were part of the original line-up that debuted with the EP Death of the Red Masque (2001).

Half of Victoria and the Haruspex (2002) was taken up by the 24-minute improvised jam Haruspex.

Feathers for Flesh (2004) upped the ante with its four lengthy suites: House of Ash (12.07), Passage (14.12), Yellow Are His Opening Eyes (14.47), and Beggars & Thieves (9.38).

Fossil Eyes (ReR, 2008), recorded by a quartet with drummer and keyboardist Brian Van Korn and guitarist Andrew Kowal, focuses on shorter, albeit no less cerebral, songs. The Spider is the Web creates a dense molasse of operatic singing and forceful bass lines. Carbon 14, that begins with the magniloquence of a Broadway musical, displays an intriguing counterpoint of structured and chaotic sections. The aggressive Polyphemus, with refracted and multiplied vocals, is a charming detour. Metamorphosis is too short at two minutes, and deserved more (absolute instrumental chaos). The 13-minute The Anti-Man has a more conventional structure despite its convoluted narrative ups and downs.

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