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Remora, the brainchild of North Carolina-based guitarist Brian John Mitchell, ambient guitar cassettes Anaaron, Acroyer, Amerse, Eneded, Cemented in Stone, Anadia, Ambient Drones for One Guitar. These were followed by the more professional Some Past's Future (2000) and by the EPs Some Future's Past (2000), The Alcohol (2002) and Reversion (2005). Remora turned to pop songs on Enamored (2005) and even to a-cappella songs on Songs I Sing (2007). Ensoulment (2008), instead, was devoted to a 70-minute solo droning guitar ambient piece. After the covers of Derivative (2009) and the live Guitar Antihero (2009), Remora turned to a vintage synthesizer for the dystopian concept albumof Mecha (Silber, 2010), largely devoted to brief industrial synth-pop ditties, although its best numbers are the instrumentals (robotic ballets like March and atmospheric Brian Eno-esque vignettes like Collapse) and one quasi-song (the funereal Last Call for Alcohol). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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