Reverend Bizarre

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Finland's Reverend Bizarre were the most faithful worshippers of the gospel of Black Sabbath and St Vitus with their defiantly repetitive and monotonous exposition of the most sinister doom stereotypes (cadaveric tempos, earth-shattering bass lines, crushing guitar riffs) over gargantuan-length pieces. Their three albums were: In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend (2002), II: Crush The Insects (Spikefarm, 2005) and the double-disc III: So Long Suckers (Spikefarm, 2007). The first one was the most accomplished, while the third one was very self-indulgent.

Reverend Bizarre's Sami Hynninen (aka Albert Witchfinder) launched Puritan with The Puritan (2006) and Lithium Gates (Spinefarm, 2009). He was also active in the Opium Warlords.

Reverend Bizarre's double-disc Death Is Glory Now (Spikefarm, 2009) collects rarities.

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