Josh Ritter

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While still in college in Ohio, Josh Ritter recorded Josh Ritter (1999). He then traveled to Ireland, where he conceived Golden Age Of Radio (2002), a major leap forward and especially Golden Age Of Radio, and Hello Starling (2004), perhaps his most cohesive and personal work, and where most of his audience was. Returning to the USA, Ritter settled for a compromise folk-rock sound on The Animal Years (2006), with possibly his artistic peak, the ten-minute rant Thin Blue Flame,, and The Historical Conquests (2007), with the slow boogie Right Moves.

So Runs The World Away (2010) is all over the place, and perhaps over-arranged, but at least Another New World does achieve real pathos.

Ritter also published the novel "Bright's Passage" (2011).

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