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Los Angeles' hyper-prolific duo Robedoor belonged to the dark-drone movement. They produced countless low-quality (artistic and otherwise) recordings between 2005 and 2007, for example: Devourer (Tin Cans And Twine, 2005), Unsummoning (Not Not Fun, 2006), Hidden Ascension (Ruralfaune, 2006), perhaps the most austere, Christ's Vipers (Chocolate Monk, 2006), perhaps the most evocative of the batch, Totem Hole (Tanzprocesz, 2006), proving how cheap it had become to produce cassettes, LPs and CDs. A bit more care was invested in Rancor Keeper (Release The Bats, 2007 - Seacave, 2009), Shapeshifter Slave (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2008), Closer To The Cliff (Interregnum, 2008), Endlessly Blazing (Woodsist, 2008) and Shrine To The Possessor (Music Fellowship, 2008), the top of the iceberg of 2008 releases. Lots of good ideas, but dreadful (and sprawling) implementation.

Raiders (Not Not Fun, 2009) was more fragile and almost ethereal. Burners (Important, 2010) slightly more melodic but still very dilated, and Too Down To Die (Not Not Fun, 2011) just very self-indulgent.

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