Royal Baths

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Litanies (2010) , 6/10

San Francisco-based Royal Baths, fronted by Jeremy Cox and Jigmae Baer, debuted with singles of cacophonous acid-rock.

Litanies (Woodsist, 2010) feels like a crude exposure of hippie culture. The martial drumbeat, fuzzed guitar and ecstatic melody of After Death simply display the arsenal of the band. Nikki Don't juxtaposes a massive rhythm section (like Velvet Underground's drummer Mo Tucker jamming with the Rolling Stones with sweet vocal harmonies. The guitar distortion in Needle And Thread actually mimicks the evil wavering of Suicide's threnodies. Things get further out of line with the Stooges imitation of I Detest, scarred by a wild sitar. Unfortunately too many of the songs are tepid period pieces with little to add to a story (psychedelic pop) that wasn't too excited to start with.

Relocating to New York, they transformed into existential bards on Better Luck Next Life (2012).

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