Ruby Suns

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Ruby Suns (2005) , 6/10
Sea Lion (2008) , 6.5/10

The Ruby Suns were formed in New Zealand by USA-born multi-instrumentalist Ryan McPhun. They debuted with the catchy and eccentric Ruby Suns (2005).

Sea Lion (2008) was an attempt at bridging world-music and Brian Wilson's baroque pop, loosely aligned with the Animal Collective ideology with a multi-ethnic spin. Alien sounds hijack the otherwise gentle elegy Blue Penguin and spaced-out vocals tame the otherwise propulsive There Are Birds. The slow and stately Remember sounds like a requiem from another galaxy, and Kenya Dig It? sounds like a Beach Boys "greatest hits" played on an orbiting satellite. The peak of anti-arrangement is reached in the floating wails and tones of the mood piece It's Mwangi In Front Of Me.
However, the Ruby Suns strike gold when they abandon the brainy/hippy attitude and just let their eccentric ideas flow. That more spontaneous attitude yields the demented tex-mex serenade Oh Mojave and the accordion-based Latin singalong Tane Mahuta. The cyclic, hypnotic Ole Rinka is reminiscent of exotic-tinged easy-listening music of the 1960s.
The techno beat that emerges out of the chaos of Morning Sun belongs to another album.

Fight Softly (2010), basically a Ryan McPhun solo album, was a fatally different album, cold and distant pomp. Not even the Brazilian-tinged syncopated fanfare of the single Cranberry manages to sound cheerful. It simply sounds derivative and predictable.

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