DJ Rupture

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Special Gunpowder (2004) , 6/10
Uproot (2008), 5/10

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Boston-born but Spain-based turntablist DJ Rupture (Jace Clayton) specialized in mixes that pushed collaging techniques to a new level of sophistication. The live DJ sets Gold Teeth Thief (Violent Turd, 2002) and Minesweeper Suite (Tigerbeat6, 2002) were cultural juxtapositions of dub, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, house as well as ethnic folk music.

His other project, the live band Nettle, released Build A Fort Set That On Fire (Agriculture, 2002), a similar disco mix but highlighted by muscular rhythms and bleaker atmospheres.

Special Gunpowder (Tigerbeat6, 2004), his first release of original material and his first album that does not employ a turntable, is another cultural cauldron, drawing from several dimensions of space and time. DJ Rupture applies the aesthetics of quotation, originally devised in the 1960s by classical composer Luciano Berio, to the world of dance music in a manner similar to Kid 606's The Action Packed Mentallist Brings you the Fucking Jams. An army of guests (running the gamut from singers to producers) contributed to the making of the album.

Relocating to New York, DJ Rupture updated his collage art to the age of dubstep and minimalist techno on the mix Uproot (Agriculture, 2008), downshifting from the frantic pace of his early albums to a more relaxed midtempo. It was his most accessible mix yet, with an emphasix on dubstep. Best treatments are perhaps those reserved to the two songs by Clouds (the Finnish duo of Tommi Liikka and Samuli Tanner), Elders and Too Much. Frescoe's exotic Afghanistan and the avantgarde concerto of Radios Et Annonceurs by Stalker (Brieuc Le Meur) open new horizons. Unlike Girl Talk, his art is neither hilarious nor festive, but often somber and pensive.

Solar Life Raft (2009) was a collaboration between DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek.

The moniker Nettle was resurrected for the austere concept album El Resplandor - The Shining In Dubai (Sub Rosa, 2011) that featured several guest musicians.

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