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Salvatore, the Norwegian combo fronted by guitarists Bjarne Larsen and Ola Flottum, played instrumental hypnotic droning propulsive post-rock a` la Circle. They released: Clingfilm (Racing Junior, 2000), with rhythms strongly reminiscent of Neu's "motorik"; the much more abstract Jugend - A New Hedonism (Racing Junior, 2000), a soundtrack to a theatrical piece, containing the eleven-minute Jugend II; the more varied and less claustrophobic Fresh (2001), adding Jon Platou Selvig on synthesizer; the elegant but relatively uneventful Tempo (2002), adding a second percussionist (Karim Sayed); Luxus (Glitterhouse, 2004), exhibiting jazz, African and Jamaican overtones, and sounding like the intellectual counterpart to the previous album; and Days of Rage (2007), with Jorgen Skjulstad replacing Ola Flottum and with Leon "Avanti" Muraglia replacing Jon Platou Selvig, an even more conceptual work of longer pieces. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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