Chet Scott

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Ruhr Hunter, the project of Bay Area-based composer Chet Scott, penned Lustmord-style gothic ambient droning music on Ritual Before The Hunt (1998), One (2001) and Torn of This (2002). Moss & Memory (2006) incorporated field recordings.

The Elemental Chrysalis, i.e. the duo of Chet Scott and James Woodhead, employed an arsenal of instruments to craft the celestial atmosphere of The Calocybe Collection (Glass Throat, 2005), which was basically instrumental ambient folk music. Having disposed of the droning frame of reference, the double-disc The Dark Path To Spiritual Expansion (Glass Throat Recordings, 2007) explored an oneiric, magic and nebulous underworld, basically a high-brow version of freak-folk for intricate string arrangements.

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