Screaming Females

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New Jersey's power-trio Screaming Females, fronted by Grace Slick-ian vocalist and guitarist Marissa Paternoster (but featuring a very male rhythm section), Sleater-Kinney exposed a gritty, savage brand of garage-rock on Baby Teeth (2007) and What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.? (2007).

Power Move (2009) is a nonstop parade of high-octane wild rants, from Bell (with a desperate fury worthy of the Babes In Toyland) to Buried in the Nude (with a melody worthy of the Dead Kennedys, but shrieked like a scalded cat).

Castle Talk (2010) began to limit the excesses of those albums, nodding at the power-ballad (Boss) and power-pop (I Don't Mind It), although the deranged ska Ghost Solo still ranked among their most virulent numbers.

Ugly (2012) marked another leap forward in production and playing, although its conventional hard-rock songs (It All Means Nothing) can hardly be considered an improvement in ambition or quality. Still, the catchy power pseudo-ska Expire capitalizes on years of playing the same idea over and over again. This is also their least cohesive and least in-your-face collection, probably because it was not trimmed down to the essential songs.

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