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Serena-Maneesh (2005) , 7/10
#2 Abyss In B Minor (2010), 5/10
S-M 2 - Abyss in B Minor (2010) , 5/10

Norway's late shoegazers Serena-Maneesh, fronted by guitarist Emil Nikolaisen, debuted with Serena-Maneesh (Honey Milk, 2005 - Playlouder, 2006). The manifesto of their project is best summarized by the epic chords and tribal beat of Drain Cosmetics, a song that blends My Bloody Valentine's introverted ecstasy and the Velvet Underground's pulsing neurosis. Catatonic whispers float over the driving, syncopated gallop of Selina's Melodie Fountain, at the end of the hypnotic space-rock jam Candlelighted, in the first half of the seven-minute Sapphire Eyes (before the guitarist turns it into a display of post-Hendrix vanity), At the other extreme the aggressive Beehiver II is sung by brutal, distorted vocals backed by a primitive rhythmic attack a` la Chrome and guitar distortions borrowed from Helios Creed's space jams. The 12-minute disintegration apogee of Your Blood Is Mine grows as it flows, like a sped-up version of the Pink Floyd's Astronomy Domine (and then implodes in a delicate piano melody).
Nikolaisen has a knack for captivating guitar riffs (no matter how dejavu) that he repeats over and over again coupling them with steady drums. It's a simple strategy, but it has worked wonders since the day that Bo Diddley invented it in the 1950s.

S-M Backwards (2008) collects two early EPs, Fixxations (2002) and Zurueck (2003).

#2 Abyss In B Minor (4AD, 2010) introduces a rhythmic intensity and a mood variability that is reminiscent of prog-rock. A constant flow of thundering drumbeats sustains the frantically morphing and ultra-busy Ayisha Abyss, from the swirling abyss of musique concrete that opens it to the revolving cast of ghostly vocals and electronic effects that battles for frontstage. So much so that the space-rock guitar remains timidly half-hidden in the mix. The guitar returns to the front in Blow Yr Brains In The Mourning Rain, a more conventional space-rock jam that sonically and structurally evokes the psychedelic masters of the 1960s. The pulsing industrial dance beat of I Just Want To See Your Face opens a completely new front even though the female vocals pull it into power-pop territory. Unfortunately the good songs end here. The slow-motion shoegazing ballad Melody For Jaana, the booming doom-inspired litany Honeyjinx, the hysterically poppy D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D and the pastoral Magdalena sound amateurish and out of context. The lush, viscous production work cannot amend the obvious weakness of the material.

S-M 2 - Abyss in B Minor (2010) was another disappointment: a mediocre, monotonous stream of over-arranged insignificance.

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