Pia Silvi

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English ambient electronic composer Pia Silvi debuted with a collection of songs and instrumentals, Atmosferiks (2002).

Virtually Handsewn (2008) offers 13 more fragments of her delicate art. After the ethereal instrumental overture (Intro from a Night in Crakow), thicker electronic sheen and loud beats envelop Surf People. The crystal tones of her voice intone the ballad A Boy And A River in a spectral soundscape of discreet percussion and mournful electronics. Shifting mood again, the witchy Cipher indulges in exotic drumming and free-form chanting. A Night In Crakow and Laguna Lunar explore different ways to produce soothing ambient music, whereas Ted's Green Roof dabbles in heavily-arranged dance-pop music
I Scared marks one of the emotional peaks: an industrial loop creates a sinister rhythm with which Silvi's oneiric vocals engage a dialogue by sampling the spectrum that runs from Ennio Morricone to Sinead O'Connor.

Ombra (2009) contains elegiac pieces such as A Boy And A River, Qui Primum, Adagio for a Rainy Day.

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