Sleeping People
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Sleeping People is an instrumental quartet from San Diego (Kenseth Thibideau bass, Kasey Boekholt on guitar, Amber Coffman on guitar, Brandon Relf on drums) that debuted with Sleeping People (Temporary Residence, 2005). Despite the poor quality of the recording, the seven pieces of the album managed to convey the spirit of their prog-rock inspired to King Crimson but also to Don Caballero's math-rock, with cascading guitars a` la early Sonic Youth. The frantic Blue Fly Green Fly, the agonizing Nasty Portion, the convoluted and angular Fripp For Girls (a veritable dictionary for beginners of prog-rock techniques), the virulent Nachos (with the best acceleration of the batch, three minutes into the song), the tense and discordant Johnny Depp are intriguing sonic combinations played by highly competent musicians, but lack the punch that would make them original enough to be also memorable. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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