Southeast Engine

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Ohio's Southeast Engine, fronted by Adam Remnant, debuted with the self-released albums Love Is A Murder A Mystery Of Sorts (2003) and One Caught Fire (2004) in an alt-country and alt-folk vein.

A Coming To Terms With Gravity (Bettawreckonize, 2005) and A Wheel Within A Wheel (Misra, 2007) were well executed projects but lacked the spark that would make them important.

From The Forest To The Sea (Misra, 2009) remedied with a three-movement suite, The Forest, that showed musical and narrative skills above the average.

Crowning that progression towards a more personal and ambitious form of art, Canary (2011) is a literate concept album set in the Great Depression that well translates the desperation of losers into desolate music (New Growth, Ruthie, Curse of Canaanville).

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