Souvenir's Young America

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Souvenir's Young America (2006) , 6/10
An Ocean Without Water (2007) , 6.5/10

Souvenir's Young America, a Virginia-based trio featuring keyboardist Jonathan Lee and guitarist Ken Rayher, opted for an anti-bombastic, textural, autumnal, contemplative sound on Souvenir's Young America (2006) and especially An Ocean Without Water (Crucial Blast, 2007), characterized not by gigantic guitar but mournful harmonica, and by a sense of emptiness reminiscent of Calexico's desert rock. Discounting the grandeur of Mars Ascendent as mere advertising, the sleepy tempo of Blood Alone Does Not A Father Make, with a gospel-ish organ, the oneiric-psychedelic guitar twang and tremolos of Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground, the intimate, introverted and romantic atmosphere The Sheltering Sky (before the explosive monster riff) define a gentler form of post-rock instrumental. The sparse noisescape of Coragyps Atratus goes beyond post-rock, painting alternative quasi-acid states of mind.

Pushing the idea to the limit, Anduin, the project of Souvenir's Young America's keyboardist Jonathan Lee, approached the evocative and languid tone of Ennio Morricone's soundtracks on Forever Waiting (Smtgltd, 2008) and Abandoned In Sleep (SMPG Limited, 2009), that is mostly devoted to collaborations (notably Black River with Svarte Greiner).

The Bending Of Light (2009) was another collaboration between Anduin and Jasper TX.

The EP The Name Of The Snake (Init, 2010) contains the ten-minute Amnesia.

Anduin's Stolen Years (SMTG Limited, 2012), the project's most ambitious recording yet, veered towards noir ambient jazztronica.

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