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The Starving Weirdos, a group (mainly Brian Pyle and Merrick McKinlay) from Northern California (Humboldt), assembled oneiric free-form noisescapes that ran the gamut from ear-piercing walls of noise to otherworldly drones, always maintaining a gloomy underlying leitmotif, as if they were soundtracks to the post-nuclear world.

Starving Weirdos (Athiestaregods, 2005) contains three lengthy compositions: Plastic Gagaku, Nightime On The Eureka Waterfront, Friday The 13th Pt.II.

Two of the three lengthy pieces of Father Guru (Azul Discografica, 2006) were emblematic of the duo's schizophrenic music: the organic continuum of Cypress Groves versus the discrete chaos of Mist-Shrouded World Part 2.

The double-disc Eastern Light (Root Strata, 2006) contains: Plastic Gagaku (13:26), Sea-Foam At Midnight (16:43), Quiet Shit (25:39), Recital Hall (44:14), Bro-In-Out (20:53).

Seance At Luffenhulz (Sound & Fury, 2006) contains: Red Crescent Moon (13:09), Seance at Luffenhulz (19:59), King Radness on His Royal Swim (18:10).

Self-Hypnosis (Jyrk, 2006 - Weird Forest, 2009) contains: Density Of Life (14:27), Self-Hypnosis (12:32), D.O.L. Pt.2 (14:58).

The project began to diversify with the the heavier and more distorted Shrine Of The Post-Hypnotic (Root Strata, 2007), containing Wartime Sunrise (17:50) but otherwise rather uneventful; and the gothic Summon With Electronic Sorcery (Bottrop-Boy, 2007) in four parts: Summon (13:05), Orchestra At Twilight (11:36), In Transit (13:50), Sunaet At The College Cove Bluffs (11:29).

Bryan Pyle is also active in the RV Paintings, that debuted with the droning exercise of Trinity Rivers (Root Strata, 2008), and in Ensemble Economique, that debuted with At The Foot Of Nameless Roads (Digitalis, 2008).

The Starving Weirdos' Spirit Activity (Root Strata, 2008) and Into An Energy (Bo'Weavil, 2009) were even noisier and more chaotic than usual. Live At The Accident! (Blackest Rainbow, 2009) documents a performance with Tom Carter of Charalambides and Shawn David McMillen. B/P/M Series 1 (Blackest Rainbow, 2009) uses recordings by pianist Darius Brottman as source material. Blue Herons (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2009), recorded by a trio, contained an industrial suite and a relatively calm suite. Path of Lightning (Weird Forest, 2009) was even more abstract than usual. By the end of the decade, drum-machines and synthesizers had moved to the forefront.

Brian Pyle's Ensemble Economique became more prolific with Psychical (Not Not Fun, 2010), Standing Still Facing Forward (Amish, 2010) The Vastness Is Bearable Only Through Love (Agents Of Chaos, 2011), and Crossing The Path By Torchlight (Dekorder, 2011), in an elegant and hybrid style of digital soundsculpting. Meanwhile, Bryan Pyle's RV Paintings crafted the ambient psychedelia of Samoa Highway (The Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2010).

Manilapede (Turgid Animal, 2010) was a Starving Weirdos droning metal side-project.

Live At The Accident! (Blackest Rainbow, 2010) documents a performance with Tom Carter of the Charalambides and Shawn David McMillen.

The Starving Weirdos' Land Lines (Amish, 2012) was influenced by both gothic rock and the free-form acid-rock of the Taj Mahal Travelers.

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