Static X

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Wisconsin Death Trip , 6.5/10
Machine , 5.5/10

Static X is a band from Los Angeled headed by Wayne Static (who, when still in Chicago, was briefly in the same band with future Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan). Wisconsin Death Trip (Warner, 1999) offered speed-metal for the dance clubs (I'm With Stupid and Push It were disco hits) with a general tendency to sound like White Zombie.

The more virulent sound of Machine (Warner, 2001) was inspired by the industrial-metal genre of Ministry, Godflesh, Fear Factory.

While Shadow Zone (2003) and Start a War (2005) were largely disposable, Cannibal (2007) marked a return to form, or, at least, to energetic music.

Wayne Static died in october 2014.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Spinelli)

Gli Static X sono una band di Los Angeles capitanata da Wayne Static (che, quando era ancora a Chicago, fu membro di una band alla quale partecipava Billy Corgan, futuro leader degli Smashing Pumpkins). Wisconsin Death Trip (Warner, 1999) offre uno speed-metal per i dance club (I'm With Stupid e Push It sono hit definibili disco) con un sound che, generalmente, puo' essere ricondotto ai White Zombie. Il sound piu' virulento di Machine (Warner, 2001) ispirato dall'industrial-metal di Ministry, Godflesh e Fear Factory. Mentre Shadow Zone (2003) e Start a War (2005) erano in gran parte prodotti scadenti, Cannibal (2007) segna, per lo meno, un ritorno ad una musica piu' energica."

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