DM Stith

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Heavy Ghost (2009) , 7/10

Indiana's multi-instrumentalist and vocalist DM Stith (David-Michael Stith) penned baroque pop gems on Heavy Ghost (Asthmatic Kitty, 2009). The likes of Pity Dance evokes the languid ethereal metaphysical spleen-infused falsetto of Robert Wyatt coupled with the orchestral flourishes of Scott Walker. Thanksgiving Moon, on the other hand, evokes both Nick Drake's naked confessions and Van Morrison's soulful elegies. Stith's vocal technique is one of the most original in decades. The drum-less Pigs grafts the extended floating vowels of David Crosby's If I Could Only Remember My Name onto the structure of the mournful plantation chants.
The arrangements are unpretentious but offers a lot more than simple counterpoint. Tribal drums, trippy vocals and cryptic sound effects turn Creekmouth (the album's standout) into a sinister and exotic vignette. Another haunting rhythm propels Stith's pensive howling in Morning Glory Cloud before the mysterious apotheosis of choir and piano. Most songs end not with a punch line but with a punch "sound".
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