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Original Pirate Material (2002), 6.5/10
A Grand Don't Come For Free (2004), 6.5/10
The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (2006), 5/10
Everything Is Borrowed (2008), 4/10
Computers & Blues (2011), 4/10

Streets is the project of Mike Skinner a white British rapper who jumped on the bandwagon of the latest dance fads ("garage" and "two step") and turned them into tools to construct generational anthems, such as his debut single Has It Come To This (On, 2001). Despite being frequently tedious and monotone, Original Pirate Material (Atlantic, 2002) turned Streets into the English equivalent of Eminem. At least Turn the Page and It's Too Late deserve the honor, thanks to their documentary art and engaging rhythms. But the music is mostly predictable and trivial, half rapped and half sung.

A Grand Don't Come For Free (Atlantic, 2004) is a sort of hip-hop opera, all the songs being related by the story of a some lost money. It is only a pretext for a Kinks-style analysis and diagnosis of British society at the turn of the century. The music is far more adventurous than on the debut (Blinded by the Lights, Could Well Be In, It Was Supposed to Be So Easy, Empty Cans) although the message is a little less vivid.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Maria Antonietta Partinico)

Streets è un progetto di Mike Skinner, un rapper bianco inglese che è saltato nella corrente delle ultime mode dance ("garage" e "two steps") trasformandole in strumenti per costruire inni generazionali, come il suo singolo di debutto Has it Come to This (On, 2001). Nonostante scada spesso nel tedio e nella monotonia, Original Pirate Material (Atlantic, 2002) ha trasformato gli Streets nell’equivalente inglese di Eminem. Almeno Turn the Page e It’s Too Late ne meritano l’onore, grazie alla loro arte documentaria e al ritmo coinvolgente. Ma la musica è per lo più prevedibile e comune, per metà rappata e per metà cantata.

A Grand Don’t Come For Free (Atlantic, 2004) è una specie di Hip-hop opera, le cui canzoni sono tutte in qualche modo collegate dalla storia di alcuni soldi andati perduti. È solo un pretesto per un’ analisi stile Kinks ed una diagnosi della società Britannica di fine secolo. La musica si rivela di gran lunga più avventurosa rispetto quella d’esordio (Blinded by the Lights, Could Well Be In, It Was Supposed to Be So Easy, Empty Cans) nonostante il messaggio sia leggermente meno vivido.

Mike Skinner's third album as the Streets, the autobiographical The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (Vice, 2006), was more self-indulgent and exhibitionist that documentary. The result was vastly inferior to the first two albums.

Everything Is Borrowed (2008) is a mediocre collection of predictable raps.

Computers & Blues (2011), announced as the last Streets album, lazily rehashed old ideas, some of them mildly danceable (Trust Me, Without Thinking) and many simply aimless.

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