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Australian one-man band Striborg was perhaps the most prolific purveyor of "lo-fi black metal" at the beginning of the new century, with a sound dominated by keyboards and drums. Ildjarn was the main influence on Mysterious Semblance (2004), that contains the 20-minute Mysterious Semblance Of Spectral Trees, and the eclectic Spiritual Catharsis (2004), that contains the 13-minute Spiritual Catharsis and that incorporates element sof noisecore, ambient music, cosmic music, black metal, dub, etc.

Trepidation (2005) was rather monotonous and Embittered Darkness/ Isle de Morts (2006) was simply amateurish.

The routine of electronic ambience, drum-machine beats and fuzzed-out doom continued on Ghostwoodlands (2007) and Solitude (Displeased, 2007).

Black Desolate Winter/ Depressive Hibernation (2005), containing the 30-minute Black Desolate Winter, Nefaria/ A Tragic Journey Towards The Light (Southern Lord, 2007) and Nocturnal Emissions / Nyctophobia (Displeased, 2007) compiled demos from his early days.

Autumnal Melancholy (2008) boasted one of the most metal-lish riff-driven pieces, Meandering In Sorrow, but also austere compositions that are as far removed from black metal as it gets.

Subsequent albums by this prolific and very lo-fi (low quality) musician included: Foreboding Silence (2008), Southwest Passage (Displeased, 2009), Perceiving The World With Hate (Displeased, 2009).

The split Cold Winter Moon / In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death (Finsternis, 2011) with Veil Of Darkness resurrects old recordings from 1997-2000.

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