Taiga Remains

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Ohio-based Taiga Remains (Alex Cobb) created raga-like noise music by distorting the sound of an acoustic guitar on the three EPs of 2006 collected on Ribbons Of Dust (Root Strata, 2008), Crushed Radiant Deities (Students Of Decay, 2007), containing two live jams from the EP Paper Lanterns (2006), the inferior Unfamiliar Sphere Thin As Light (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2007), the two lengthy pieces of The Nothing And The Nowhere (2007), the 34-minute piece of The Sad Marvels (2007), the 20-minute piece of the EP Xiaguan (2007), the 23-minute piece of the EP Descend From Ivory Cliffs (2008), the mini-album Obelia (Barl Fire, 2008), the 17-minute piece of the EP Under The Weather (Onomato, 2008), etc.

Wire Thicket is the duo of Alex Cobb and David Kirby that debuted with the EP Dust Static (Students Of Decay, 2008).

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