Tegan and Sara

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This Business of Art (2000), 6/10
If It Was You (2003), 5/10
So Jealous (2004), 6/10
The Con (2007), 6/10

Tegan and Sara (Quin) are a duo (and identical twins) from Canada that harkens back to the age of the riot grrrrls. They merged folk and punk spirit on This Business of Art (2000), although the album ended with Superstar that had a broader non-folkish appeal. If It Was You (2003) was hardly relevant. The twin's sexual orientation (both lesbian) was the most repeated comment, a sign that the music was not all that revolutionary.

The twins underwent a dramatic change of sound and personality on the radio-friendly So Jealous (Vapor, 2004), boasting a slick production a` la Cars and an overdone emphasis on catchy refrains (You Wouldn't Like Me, Walking With a Ghost, Fix You Up, and especially Speak Slow), and girlish harmonies (I Won't Be Left, Take Me Anywhere, Where Does The Good Go) occasionally evoking the Beatles at their most moronic (Fix You Up). A rougher punk-ish edge surfaces in I Bet It Stung

The even more "electronic" The Con (Vapor, 2007) proved their melodic skills with bouncy and heavy ditties such as The Con and Not A Plane. Relief Next To Me proves how they can use the most innocent of instrumental pretexts to concoct sophisticated narrative structures with a soaring refrain. Are You Ten Years Ago proves their atmospheric mastery of vocal delivery and counterpoint. Hence soothing and soulful Burn Your Life Down and Floorplan come natural, and in fact waste the potential of the girls. The girlish melodrama of Knife Going In and Back in Your Head rarely achieves the pathos of real depression (Nineteen).

Sainthood (2009) veered towards the dance-pop that was fashionable during the 1980s revival of the 2000s (Alligator, On Directing). The single Hell (2009) is a lively singalong, and The Cure is a close second.

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