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The Golden Age of Apocalypse (2011), 6/10
Apocalypse (2013), 5/10
Drunk (2017), 5/10
It Is What It Is (2020), 5/10

Thundercat, the project of Los Angeles' bassist Stephen Bruner, a latter-day member of punk outfit Suicidal Tendencies and a collaborator of Flying Lotus, debuted solo with the oneiric songs of The Golden Age of Apocalypse (2011), produced by Flying Lotus, that sounded like a classy tribute to commercial fusion jazz of the 1970s (including a cover of George Duke's For Love I Come).

Apocalypse (2013), mostly a collaboration with Flying Lotus, was a sleeker and smoother version of the idea, with vocals on almost all pieces, leaning towards the neo-soul experience, partially redeemed by Oh Sheit It's X and the instrumental Bruner worked on Flying Lotus' You're Dead, Kamasi Washington's The Epic, and Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly. The EP The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam (2015) contains another notable collaboration with Flying Lotus, Them Changes. A mediocre singer (singing mediocre ballads), Thundercat injected more instrumental energy into the brief 23 songs of the concept album Drunk (2017), which include the witty Captain Stupido and Friend Zone. A messy album with a lot of fluff. Walk On By features Kendrick Lamar. Like the previous album, It Is What It Is (2020), co-produced with Flying Lotus, explores a lot of ideas but leaves all of them unfinished. It is mostly notable for the warm and elegant production.

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