Titan and La Otracina

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Titan: Titan (2006), 6.5/10
Titan: Pilzmarmelade (2006), 6.5/10
Titan: A Raining Sun Of Light & Love For You & You & You (2007), 6/10
La Otracina: Tonal Ellipse Of The One (2007), 6.5/10

La Otracina were formed in 2004 in New York by guitarist Joshua Anzano, synth-man Kris D'Agostino, bassist Dan Bates and drummer Adam Kriney. Their early days are documented on the limited-edition double-disc Love Love Love (2006). La Otracina soon became Kriney's project, eventually picking up Ninni Morgia on guitar and Evan Sobel on bass. Their first official album, Tonal Ellipse Of The One (Holy Mountain, 2007), comprising the eleven-minute Beyond The Dusty Hills and the 14-minute Ode To Amalthea, mined the intersection of prog-rock, post-rock and acid-rock. The more conventional heavy psych-rock of Blood Moon Riders (Holy Mountain, 2008), containing the 15-minute Inner Mind Journey and the two-part Ballad Of The Hot Ghost Mama, signaled a change in style.

Meanwhile, Anzano, Bates and D'Agostino hired another drummer and formed Titan, who debuted with the instrumental heavy space-rock of the three live jams of Titan (2006) and the 40-minute live jam of Pilzmarmelade (2006). Keyboards added a sense of obsolete prog-rock to A Raining Sun Of Light & Love For You & You & You (Tee Pee, 2007), whose better structured pieces were a departure from the free-form approach of the previous albums, although Obelisk Orbit Overdrive was still reminiscent of their old jams.

La Otracina's Blood Moon Riders (Holy Mountain, 2009) displayed a more bombastic and adventurous sound, in the vein of psychedelic and progressive rock of the early 1970s. Reality Has Got To Die (Holy Mountain, 2010) indulged in that eclectic and revisionist program (the 20-minute Reality Has Got To Die).

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