Emiliana Torrini
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Love In The Time Of Science (1999) , 6/10
Fisherman's Woman (2005), 6/10
Me And Armini (2008) , 5/10

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Emiliana Torrini is an Iceland-Italian vocalist based in England. Her singles Dead Things, To Be Free and Baby Blue and the album Love In The Time Of Science (1999) offered trip-hop cliches wed to trivial imitations of Bjork's electronic arrangements. Other than her skillful balance of innocence and intensity, Torrini had little to offer that had not been heard before.

Fisherman's Woman (Rough Trade, 2005), basically a requiem for her boyfriend, is a more traditional singer-songwriter album that abandons the cliches (Bjork, Kate Bush, etc) and the eleborate arrangements, and focuses on the message.

Dan Carney's chamber arrangements were instead the highlight of Me And Armini (2008), which otherwise was merely a parade of electronic pop-jazz ballads.

(Copyright © 2003 Piero Scaruffi | Terms of use )
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