Alexander Turnquist

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Faint at the Loudest Hour (2007), 6/10
As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color (2009), 7/10
Hallway Of Mirrors (2011), 6/10

New York's guitarist Alexander Turnquist penned the guitar and electronics meditations of Faint at the Loudest Hour (VHF, 2007), including four lengthy suites that bridge Terry Riley's hypnotic repetition and John Fahey's daydreaming stream of consciousness: the humble impressionistic Amongst A Swarm Of Hummingbirds, the tense and brooding In The Vein Of Bedlam, Water Spots Upon My Mind, and the brainy and cinematic Mime Fight. The mini-album Apneic (2007) includes an even more ambitious piece, the 23-minute Electric Lines, although in a more abstract and rarefied style.

As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color (VHF, 2009) added chamber instruments (cello, piano, vibraphone and violin) to the guitar's dancing technique. The album collects three lengthy pieces: the 18-minute The REM Cycle Dream Phase - Dream Phase, in which the guitar's prayer-like petulance and limping rhythm, backed by the sparse funereal notes of the other instruments, evokes a sense of metaphysical yearning and eventually plunges into a droning silence; the radiant and restless 16-minute Statues In The Dark - Shadows Collide, structured as a fractal-like crescendo of crescendoes (Pachelbel's Canon on speed); and the ten-minute Dancing In Borealis - Ribbons Of Vivacity, perhaps the most touching of the three, in which the quick-fire looping patterns of the guitar propel the delicate piano melody.

Hallway Of Mirrors (VHF, 2011), which is occasionally chromatic for the sake of being chromatic and intricate for the sake of being intricate (Spherical Aberrations), contains one ambitious composition, the 16-minute intricate Waiting At The Departure Gate, whose progressions occasionally evoke Michael Nyman's neobaroque brand of minimalism and whose leitmotiv is reminiscent of Balkan folk music.

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