Twin Sister

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In Heaven (2011) , 6/10

New York's Twin Sister, featuring vocalist Andrea Estella keyboardist Dev Gupta and guitarist Eric Cardona, debuted with the eclectic EP Vampires with Dreaming Kids (2008) in a lo-fi dream-pop vein. The EP Color Your Life (2010) veered towards dance-pop and leveraged Andrea Estella's arcane register in the single All Around and Away We Go and the seven-minute The Other Side of Your Face.

In Heaven (2011) is a hodgepodge of centrifugal forces, from the the funky single Bad Street, to the cinematic pieces Spain (inspired by film-noir soundtracks) and Gene Ciampi (Morricone's spaghetti-western soundtracks), from the dream-pop of Kimmi in a Rice Field, Luna's Theme and Stop to the synth pop of Daniel and Space Babe, with a brief rocking detour in Saturday Sunday.

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