Twin Stumps

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Twin Stumps (2009) , 7.5/10 (mini)

New York's Twin Stumps debuted with the hyper-distorted tribal spastic garage-rock of the mini-album Twin Stumps (Dais, 2009). The mildly chaotic Siberia sounds like MC5 jamming with Throbbing Gristle. That's probably the most linear song on the album. Beyond The Door is a dense mass of brutal sounds being swirled around inside a tornado. The agonizing Scar is the soundtrack of ordinary life in hell's factory, and the epileptic Ejaculation Servants is the soundtrack to a psychotic mind's inner hell. Painted In Blood is ripped apart first by a percussive mayhem and then by a monster riff The earthshaking syncopation of Sell slowly coalesces into a relentless breakneck charge. This work is a world-class apocalypse. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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