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Fast Metabolism (2007), 6.5/10
Tyvek (2009), 6/10
Nothing Fits (2010), 6/10

Detroit's Tyvek, fronted by vocalist Kevin Boyer with a rotating cast of instrumentalists, unleashed the wild demented amateurish anti-pop miniatures of Skyin (Exbx, 2010), recorded in 2004, Fast Metabolism (What's Your Rupture, 2007) and Tyvek (Siltbreeze, 2009), containing their manifesto Frustration Rock, albums that were devoted more to instrumental detours than to an actual focus on the song structure, basically loose garage jams for the sake of jamming. The single Mary Ellen Claims and the EP Blunt Instrumental (Night People, 2010) kept the legend alive.

Tyvek then crafted the more punkish Nothing Fits (In The Red, 2010) with Outer Limits, Underwater To, and 4312.

On Triple Beams (In The Red, 2012) was less confrontational, featuring relatively laid-back songs such as Scaling.

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