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The Koln Konzert (2000), 5/10
Nine Types of Ambiguity (2001) , 5/10
Small Pieces Loosely Joined (2003), 6/10
Schmoozing With The Apres Garde (2004), 4/10
Some Beans & An Octopus (2006) , 6.5/10

Vert (Adam Butler) is an English electronic musician based in Germany. He deconstructed Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert on The Koln Konzert (Sonig, 2000), literally created by reassembling and reprocessing snippets of Jarrett's original music.

Nine Types of Ambiguity (Sonig, 2001) is a more ambitious work that swings back and forth between ambient, techno, glitch and jazz, thus coining a hybrid and confusing language (To Doo is to Be, Blindsight, The Tide Comes In and Then the Tide Goes Out Somewhere Between Here and Last Week Last Night from a Bus I Saw). The project, however, is mostly intellectual doodling.

Small Pieces Loosely Joined (Sonig, 2003), which mainly relies on the piano, is a much more mature journey into the psychology of music. Vert's narrative skills have blossomed, although they are somewhat limited to short stories. His major attempt at an ambitious composition, the 30-minute Turn Right And Straight On Till Morning, displays some of those skills, but watered down by an indulgent appropriation of minimalist repetition.

Schmoozing With The Apres Garde (Whatness, 2004), released under his own name, is even more confusing because of its simplicity: solo piano pieces against a background of people chatting.

Vert's Some Beans & An Octopus (Sonig, 2006) was another eclectic collection of confused songs mixing hip-hop, ethnic and folk music (Yrs, Paper Wraps Stone, Words), that, at best, were witty and at times plainly hilarious. By now Vert had completely abandoned the electronic instruments and was instead relying on external musicians (Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars, saxophonist Tom Chant of the Cinematic Orchestra, bassist Fedor Ruskuc, turntablist DJ Elephant Power of Sonig, jazz guitarist Noel Akchote, rapper Noah23 of First Rec).

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