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Low to the Ground (2000), 6/10
Shadows of (2002), 5/10
Let's Make Our Descent (2004), 4/10

Waxwings are a band from Detroit (guitarists Dean Fertita and Dominic Romano, bassist Kevin Peyok and drummer James Edmunds) that plays popppy garage-rock inspired by the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys, un unlikely combination. Low to the Ground (Bobsled, 2000) was already more significant for the vocal harmonies than for the verve or the distortion. The sound was ridiculously retro, and none of the songs truly shone, but the overall enthusiasm was admittedly contagious.

Shadows of (Bobsled, 2002) opened with the fiery Wired That Way, but then turned into a sort of tribute to the old Paisley Underground (Three O'Clock, Rain Parade) with the light hooks of Look Down Darkly and Almost All Day.

Let's Make Our Descent (Rainbow Quartz, 2004) is a hodgepodge of third-hand stereotypes that would make even Brit-pop "next big things" blush.

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