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And Justice for Y'all (2001), 5/10
Sixteen Tons (2002), 6/10
God Luck And Good Speed (2007), 6.5/10
Jason the Dragon (2011), 4/10
Goliathan (2015), 4/10

North Carolina's Weedeater, fronted by raspy vocalist Dixie Dave, debuted with a stylistic hybrid, And Justice for Y'all (2001), partly sludge and partly hardcore. They focused on fuzzy stoner-rock for Sixteen Tons (Berserker/Crucial Blast, 2002) and especially God Luck And Good Speed (Southern Lord, 2007).

Jason the Dragon (2011) and Goliathan (2015) are full albums that recycle stereotypes of the genre and indulge in slow, bluesy and sometimes even country-tinged rock.

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