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Australia's Whitehorse (including Simon Taylor and Rob Mayson, formerly in Grey Daturas) belonged to both the super-slow current and the post-rock current that had taken hold of doom-metal. Their best moments were on meandering improvisations full of ambient drones and walls of (feedback) noise, mostly recorded live, starting with Caverns (2005), until the EP and first studio recording Fire To Light The Way/ Everything Ablaze (2006) and the 22-minute The Unwelcome Return, off the double-disc compilation Whitehorse (20 Buck Spin, 2007).

Whitehorse's Bob Nekrasov launched the project Nekrasov.

Simon Taylor and Rob Mayson were also active as Bone Sheriff. Simon Taylor also played with Christopher Hill in three groups: Saint John's Ambience (2007), Gauntlet (2008), and Krystoffkrvstoffiston, that debuted with the cassette A Door As A Substitute For Two Doors (Bunyip Trax, 2009).

Simon Taylor also formed Malakat with Edryan Hakim. Their double-disc Collected Tracks + Collage (Sweatlung, 2010) contains a disc of droning compositions and a disc which is a Malakat remix of an unreleased 2006 collaboration between Grey Daturas and Yellow Swans.

Whitehorse resumed their lugubrious ceremony with Progression (Sweatlung, 2011).

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