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Part Time People Cage or Part Time Key? (1999), 6/10
Oaklandazulasylum (2003), 5.5/10
Elephant Eyelash (2005), 6.5/10
Alopecia (Anticon, 2008), 6/10
Eskimo Snow (2009), 6/10 >br>Mumps Etc (2012), 5/10
Moh Lhean (2017), 5/10
Aokohio (2019), 5/10

Yoni Wolf of cLOUDDEAD debuted solo with Part Time People Cage or Part Time Key? (1999) and Oaklandazulasylum (2003), in the vein of San Francisco's numerous freak acts that bent genres and derided stereotypes.

Why? then became a trio fronted by Wolf. With the romantic Elephant Eyelash (2005) and the tragic Alopecia (Anticon, 2008), two albums that mirrored each other three years apart, Why? perfected an unlikely fusion of rap, minimalism and alt-rock while using it as the scaffolding for Wolf's brutally vivid and earnest lyrics.

Eskimo Snow (2009) collected leftovers from the same sessions of Alopecia. The songs are generally less rap-tinged and more melodic.

Doseone and Why? formed Greenthink in Oakland in 1998. The group released Blindfold (self-released, 1999 - A Purple 100, 2002).

Solo Part Time People Cage... or Part Time Key? (1999) (as Why?) Oaklandazulasylum (2003) (as Why?) Why? returned to the rapping style of Alopecia with the EP Sod in the Seed (2012) and the album Mumps Etc (2012), which contains Strawberries and Paper Hearts but also a lot of disposable material.

Testarossa (2016) was a collaboration with Chicago rapper David "Serengeti" Cohn.

His literate and abstract lyrics reached a cryptic zenith on Moh Lhean (2017), with songs such as Proactive Evolution and This Ole King. Aokohio (2019) was a collection of humble lo-fi half-baked poppy songs such as Bloom Wither Bloom, The Crippled Physician, Stained Glass Slipper and Peel Free.

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