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Wilderness (2005), 6.5/10
Vessel States (2006), 5.5/10
(K)no(w)here (2008), 6/10

Baltimore's Wilderness conceived the songs of Wilderness (Jagjaguwar, 2005) as a post-rock variant of the old dream-pop sound of Cocteau Twins plus the neurotic, twitching vocals of James Johnson (somewhere halfway between John Lydon and David Byrne). Marginal Over, Fly Futher to See, It's All The Same and the eight-minute Post Plethoric Rhetoric were more similar to chromatic and dirty tapestry than to the traditional rock songs. The instrumentalists (bassist Brian Gossman, drummer William Goode and guitarist Colin McCann) were largely at the mercy of the vocalist's free-form warble.

Vessel States (2006) was an inferior (but still dissonant) copy of the first album.

(K)no(w)here (2008), conceived as a single piece for a multimedia show,

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