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Six (2007) , 7/10

San Francisco's power-trio Wildildlife, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Matthew Rogers, delivered the ugly juggernauts of Six (Crucial Blast, 2007) in an eclectic vein mixing Doors, acid rock, Butthole Surfers, and even arena pop. In fact, the first song, Things Will Grow, is fundamentally a pub singalong, despite the atmospheric atonal guitar riffs. The seven-minute Feed can be viewed like a childish bacchanal but the dialogue between gothic vocals and metal guitar elevates its status to sinister ceremony. The three longer pieces tell a much more complex story. The 18-minute Magic Jordan begins with a litany sung in a desolate tone halfway between Jim Morrison and psychedelic ecstasy, then slowly turns into a desperate chamber drama. When the voice stops, the drums mimic a military tempo while guitar, keyboards and bells engage in anemic counterpoint. The voice returns in a completely different mode, intoning a sort of Buddhist chant. The 14-minute Kross sounds like the soliloquy of an inner demon, an agonizing blues coming from a mental institution, a werewolf shouting at the moon, with the guitar occasionally accelerating the recitation. Then suddenly at the half point the music collapses into a gentle voice and guitar lullaby; but it's only an illusion, as a powerful doom-metal riff propels the howl to higher orbits. An electronic drone and slow-grinding riff create a mood of existential suspense in Nervous Buzzing akin to latter-day Pink Floyd with even a coda of melodic apotheosis.

Usputuspud, the side-project of Wildildlife's Matthew Rogers, released Liturgical Alcoholik (White Lodge Tapes, 2007) and Disco (Caligulan Records, 2008).

Give In To Live (Volcom, 2011) veered towards (synth)pop, as fashionable in the 2010s, especially with the catchy Fuck That.

Details (2013) contains mediocre songs and one lengthy spaced-out hard-rocking Madchester-style jam, Love Hums.

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