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Arrivals, 7/10

England's Worriedaboutsatan applied the aesthetic of glitch electronica to dance-music on Arrivals (2009). Gentle ambient drones disturbed by harsh dissonant noises lay the foundation for the thin beats and deep rumbles of Evil Dogs, like a collaboration between and a new-age artist of the 1970s, a Detroit techno artist of the 1980s, and Autechre. The conceptual study Pissing About is emblematic of how Worriedaboutsatan transforms abstract futuristic music into warm pulsing organisms. The ping-pong beat of I Am A Crooked Man is smothered in sinister cello-like drones and industrial clangor, each using the other to morph into a more propulsive robotic pattern in a field of loud distorions. The timbric concerto You're In My Thoughts, instead, documents the preference for somewhat sloppy tones, both in the beats and in the drones. A similar lesson is taught in All Things But You Are Silent, although here the emphasis leans towards the ambience rather than the dance. Arrivals is the psychedelic tour de force that almost reneges on everything that the album has just displayed. The beats move to the background, while an eerie voice and a wild guitar distortion stage an existential duet. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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