Rachael Yamagata

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Chicago-based singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata contrasted the languid oneiric tone of her breathy vocals with lush arrangements on Happenstance (2004), de facto a collaboration with producer John Alagia and guitarist Kevin Salem, over a broad range of styles, from the gracious Worn Me Down to the moody Quiet and the vibrant Under My Skin. The pop-jazz ballads Meet Me By the Water and I'll Find a Way are a mixed blessing: impressive displays of the psychological power of her voice, but hardly memorable per se.

The ballads dominate the first disc of Elephants/ Teeth Sinking Into Heart (2008), including two really long ones (Sunday Afternoon and Horizon), with the same mixed results, while the second disc reveals a neurotic undercurrent.

Chesapeake (2011) was weakened by a somewhat lazy tone.

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