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All Hour Cymbals (2007), 7/10
Odd Blood (2010), 5.5/10
Fragrant World (2012), 5/10

New York's Yeasayer, (guitarist Anand Walker, keyboardist Chris Keating, bassist Ira Wolf Tuton and drummer Luke Fasano) blended non-rock instruments, four-part harmonies and polyrhythmic beats on All Hour Cymbals (Vital, 2007), achieving a slick, smooth, opalescent pan-ethnic electronic rock reminiscent of Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel and latter-day Fleetwood Mac. Typical are complex chants that create a hypnotic and transcendent mood, such as Sunrise, but the palette of stylistic influences is very broad, ranging from the Renaissance jig of 2080 to the raga of Wait For The Wintertime. Best, however, is a dreamy ebullient singsong that evokes the Pacific islands, Wait For The Summer.

The band may have been drawn to the odd compromise of Odd Blood (Secretly Canadian, 2010) by the contemporary revival of synth-pop. Many of the songs suffer from a half-hearted attempt at experimenting with the song format while trying to stick closer to the sound of the 1980s. The notable success is the single Ambling Alp (2009), with a majestic aria and thundering polyrhythm, as neurotic as dance-pop can get, and definitely in very "retro" atmosphere. The equally hyperactive and nostalgic O.N.E. is a close second, while the ballad I Remember opens another front.

Fragrant World (2012) continued the evolution towards the lush synth-pop productions of the 1980s, and again only rarely succeeds (Fingers Never Bleed).

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