Fatima Al Qadiri

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Genre-Specific Xperience (2011), 7/10
Asiatisch (2014), 6/10

Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised, New York-based composer Fatima Al Qadiri debuted with three EPs of evocative, cinematic world-music: the mostly vocal Warn-u (2011), credited to Ayshay, that contains the sleepy psychedelic hymn Warn-U and the cosmic dilation of Jemsheed, Genre-Specific Xperience (2011), the one that truly defined her as a major artist, thanks to the hypnotic minimalist repetition and angelic layered vocals D-medley and the parodistic cinematic soundtrack Vatican Vibes (if not to Hip Hop Spa, an imitation for steel drums of instrumental kitsch muzak of the 1960s, and if not to the breakbeat jungle Corpcore), and then the vastly inferior Desert Strike (Fade to Mind, 2012), that oscillates between the facile pomp and drama of Ghost Raid and the chill-out dance of War Games.

Asiatisch (Hyperdub, 2014), mostly instrumental, is an album of counterfeit Chinese music, sometimes more cinematic (Shenzhen) and sometimes less (the exotic synth-pop of Szechuan and Dragon Tattoo). The only piece that truly stands out is Shanghai Freeway, something halfway between Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and a horror soundtrack, and her best sonata for steel drums and trombones.

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