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, /10 Good Boy (2016), 5/10
Human Nature (2015), 6/10
Colors (2018), 6.5/10
Giver Taker (2020), 6.5/10

Boston-based, Texas-born black black singer-songwriter Anjimile Chithambo, the daughter of Malawian immigrants, debuted with the EP In the Garden (2012) under the influence of Sufjan Stevens. The ten-song album Human Nature (2015) was basically a concept about her declining mental health. The seven-song Good Boy (2016) is a spartan collection composed while she was undergoing alcohol rehabilitation and recorded entirely on her smartphone. It contains the first version of 1978. The seven-song Colors (2018) contains a song for each major color, notably the first version of In Your Eyes. At this point she began to identify as a male. Giver Taker (2020) assembles the best of the previous six years, notably new versions of In Your Eyes and 1978, which stand out as the best songs on the album. Your Tree tries too hard to sound "modern" by mixing syncopated beats and Afro-pop, sounding like a John Martyn for the era of hip-hop. The quasi-bossanova Baby No More is equally fashionable at the expense of sincerity. Not Another Word evokes the jazzy Donovan of Sunshine Superman, and possibly one indirect influence is Joan Armatrading, whose angst-filled vigor is resurrected in Maker and To Meet You There.
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