Ash Borer

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Ash Borer, from a small town in northern California, debuted with the intelligent metal music of Ash Borer (Psychic Violence, 2011 - Profound Lore, 2013), containing only three lengthy pieces, notably the twelve-minute opener In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death and the 20-minute closer My Curse Was Raised In The Darkness Against A Doomsday Silence. They smoothly integrated ambient overtures, post-rock dynamics, black-metal excesses and magniloquent doom-metal riffs.

More sprawling black-metal jams surfaced on Cold Of Ages (Profound Lore, 2012), each destabilized by anticlimactic elements: and electronic overture for the 17-minute Descended Lamentations, post-rock mood shifts for Phantoms, female vocals (Jessica Way of Worm Ouroboros) for the 18-minute Convict All Flesh, and all of them for the 15-minute Removed Forms.

The EP Bloodlands (2013) contains Obilvion's Spring and Dirge/Purgation, less sophisticated and rawer as if it had been recorded before the albums.

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