Shinichi Atobe

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Butterfly Effect (2014), 5/10
World (2016), 4/10
From The Heart It's A Start (2017), 4/10
Heat (2018), 4.5/10

Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe, who had already released the EP Ship-Scope (2001), re-debuted with Butterfly Effect (DDS, 2014), an album that was really an excuse for the energetic twelve-minute Butterfly Effect. World (2016) contains five tracks titled World that are hardly groundbreaking or sensational. They set in motion trivial loops and add cheap tricks here and there.

The centerpieces of From The Heart It's A Start, A Work Of Art (2017) are two ten-minute jams. Virtually nothing happens in the ambient techno of Regret, so it's hard to talk about it. Republic is propelled by a syncopated pattern, but, again, it could go on for hours, as it simply repeats itself ad nauseam. These all sound like home practices that were picking up dust in the basement.

Heat (DDS, 2018) is another test of endurance Possibly Heat 4 is the only piece that creates an interesting atmosphere. Heat 3 concocts an intricate cricket-like beat. The funky Heat 1 is utterly kitsch. The best idea comes perhaps in Bonus, but it lasts only three minutes. This is not music to make you dance but to make you yawn.

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